Detention Facility FAQ

Inmates housed in medical, 除非他们的身体状况不允许,否则可以和普通监狱的囚犯一样接受视频探视. 

出于安全考虑,住进医院的犯人除非得到警长的批准,否则不得探视, Assistant Sheriff, or their designee. 


HIPAA does not allow for the release of medical information to the public, unless a release waiver is signed by the inmate in medical, giving permission to release information to an outside party. 


Yes, she will be referred to one by our medical unit doctor. 

First Appearance starts every morning 11:00 am Monday through Friday. On weekend and holidays, it starts at 8:00 am. It is held in court room 2D at the Leon County Court House.


除非您亲自要求,否则我们不会提供搜查令信息. 请持有效身份证件到拘留所查询所需信息.

除非当事人被拘留,或者已经被保释,否则我们不会提供搜查令信息. 请持有效身份证件到拘留所查询所需信息.

You can contact our releasing office at 850-606-3526. 

We have a list of bondsman in our releasing lobby, you can find them in the phone book, and also on the internet. 

Yes, 你必须带着卡和你的身份证到拘留所的释放区完成这个过程.

North West Florida Reception Center (Washington C.I.) 4455 Sam Mitchell Dr, Chipley, FL 32428

In Person Visitation

与之前的做法一样,游客每天只允许参观一次30分钟. We will not be able to accommodate the 2.5 hours of visitation a week at this time. 我们将继续遵守佛罗里达模范监狱的标准,因为视频探访将有助于2.5 hours of visitation per week. 

Only one visitor will be allowed to visit an inmate at a time.  

我们目前没有能力让游客预先安排参观. As in the past visits are on a first come basis. We will be prepared to make changes as needed if issues arise.

Visitors will be allocated 30 minutes to visit. 往返指定参观区域的时间为3-5分钟. 当访客的上班时间被延迟时,工作人员会通知前厅工作人员. inmate in the shower).

每个囚犯被允许进行五(5)三十(30)分钟的探视,每周不超过2.5小时. Inmates in special housing pods are restricted to two (2) visits per day. 每星期探视犯人的时间不得超过两个半小时. 所有目前没有被纪律监禁的囚犯都将被赋予与其他囚犯相同的探视权.

Video visitations will still be in effect to allow approved friends, family members, 犯人的律师和神职人员通过他们的电脑与他们联系, Securus Video Visitation app, or on-site. To register for video visitation, visit 


No. All those who are sentenced to the Work Camp must sign up in person.


No. 所有的工作最新威尼斯安卓版都是由劳动营主管决定的,包括体力劳动.


Yes. The Work Camp operates 7 days a week including holidays.

You must notify the Work Camp immediately of your condition. 如果没有适当的医疗文件和工作所需的体检许可,你将不允许返回劳改营.

您必须自带午餐,不提供餐具,并提供水. Further direction will be given to you when you sign up.